With lots of competition in business, many companies want to embody or integrate their products into the biggest names in celebrities. And now seems like a good time to take closer look at celebrity product placement. Celebrity product placement has been used by most companies in order to help make their company’s marketing campaign successful. They will give the celebrity free products in the expectation of a promotional benefit, just not like other offer that easily seen, paid for endorsement, it offers a different advantage. It is looks like that the products are being chosen by the celebrities.

Most of the companies they do whatever it takes for then to achieve success in marketing. They think up a lot of strategy or techniques that can help the company, and will a big help or contribute a lot is the big names celebrity that will endorse the product. The celebrity will received a free product from the company and the celebrity use that product in public place with media that can take photo or an interview. Even before celebrating product placement has been in business industry for long, and it take as a marketing strategy.

One of the examples today in celebrity product placement is NBA Star Carmelo Anthony, also known as “MELO” of the New York Knicks; he was one of the endorsers of Jordan Brand basketball shoes. He signed an enormous contract as a endorser for Jordan Company, not only money that he receive as a payment, also some free stuff from Jordan Company, like shoes, bags, t-shirts, and jackets, etc. All free products that have given to MELO, which he will wear during interviews, photo shoots, and during his regular games in the NBA.Get full reviews at https://www.celebrityconnected.net/

By wearing those free products in different events MELO has, it is also marketing the product. Fans of Carmelo Anthony will notice what he wears, and as fans, will buy MELO stuff that he wears. That is why most of companies look towards celebrity product placement, because it is so effective; and also other companies use the the name or signature of their endorser on their products – another way to help push sales of the products.

celebrity free products

A gift suite and celebrity product placement is similar. Gift suites are also a way where companies give products to a celebrity, and in exchange, take photos with the celebrity along with the product. Most red carpet events have the celebrities standing around with lots of press taking photos and doing interviews. During these events, hundreds of companies try to get their brand recognized and will maintain a original position in the marketplace and it need to be associated with big star celebrities like actors, athletes, models, and other people with significant social status. View more celebrity information at http://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/celebrities-hit-back-fake-news-sites-shilling-diet-pills-face-n657331

Most people today are using their social media account to look for what they want to wear or what food they want to eat, and sometimes they look at what their favorite celebrities wear or what they eat, and try to emulate them. This is why so many companies are taking risks in celebrity product placement or gift suite because it can be a massive benefit for the marketing strategy of the company.