David Hughes Becomes An Aussie Hero To His Listeners

David Hughes

David Hughes, well known for his United Kingdom public relations events as a radio personality has recently made UK headlines for trying to become an Aussie hero and help Daniel McConnell get a celebrity agent. Hughes was set to interview Daniel on the sunrise morning show to find out if McConnell was getting paid for his appearance on the show like previous guests have done. Daniel Hughes admitted that it was strictly for fun and that he was excited to meet radio personality, David Koch. McConnell says, there were no signed contracts for his appearance on Sunrise.

Hughes admits that Daniel’s story was funny and he is definitely a hero. Cassandra Thorburn and Lara Bingle are some recently celebrities booked for public relation events associated with the show. Hughes is well known for the big name acts that appear on his morning show. Sunrise agreed to give Hughes some money for an in-studio appearance. The competitiveness of breakfast television will only allow Hughes to receive a thousand dollars for his appearance. The show is set up similar to a Current Affair on UK television.

Daniel Koch made headlines when he leaped out of bed when he heard a crash on Hendra, a Brisbane suburb in north east, about 2 o’clock in the morning. He tells listeners that a lack of clothing did not stop him from pursuing the suspect. He was interviewed as saying; “that he went after the bloke in his undies.” His interview was quickly dubbed the most Aussie interview ever. Koch was branded Aussie of the year in another television broadcast. He felt like it was his responsibility to his friend to pursue the alleged unlicensed driver. Ironically, his half-naked chase led to the arrest of the suspect.

Daniel Kocb says he jumped out of bed in his undies and noticed the car crash when he walked out of his front door. The suspect started walking back to his car in an attempt to flee the scene, but Koch wasn’t going to let him get away, even if, it meant chasing the suspect half naked. Needless to say, Daniel is now an Aussie favorite in and around the Australia area. All good heroes wear their jocks on the outside and this story fits the brief. Daniel tells television personality David Hughes that he had nothing on bar his jocks.

Social media slammed Sunrise for accusing Daniel of having a criminal record and expecting a reward. The reported was labeled as being disrespectful by social media. The fair dinkum Aussie bloke was accused of committing a crime and being it just for the money. Lock insisted that he already received his reward by doing a good deed and helping to apprehend the criminal. The news reporter asked Koch was he expecting a reward for his stellar neighborhood watch work. Daniel Koch says his reward was a handshake and some coffee with his neighbor. Koch has been offered other public relations events for other broadcasts and is now a local celebrity. For more information follow https://www.celebrityconnected.net/upcoming-events/