Cassandra Thorburn is ‘excited’ about dating again with friends wanting to ‘set her up’ after her split with Karl Stefanovic

Cassandra ThorburnEvery other tabloid around town won’t miss a section about Cassandra Thorburn. She is one lady whose life of late has been in the limelight more than anybody else’s. Cassandra Thorburn’s marriage life with Karl Stefanovic that lasted for whole twenty-one years seemed to have been cocooning so many evil despite the smiles we would always see when the couple walks the red carpet every other celebrity events. The truth is not clear as to what went wrong with their marriage albeit the shenanigans that flood the papers every other day. The question of what caused a break up in a family that has been together for that long remains a puzzle to solve.


Her relationship with Karl Stefanovic

Hardly had the two celebrated their 22nd year of marriage than they began to go through the up and downs that led their breakup ultimately. Read more about this here Even though marriage is not what people want but what they make out of it, Cassandra Thorburn could not stand the idea that her husband was flirting with girls. One of the things that made the lady want to give up in her marriage is because Karl Stefanovic began to flirt with damsels in one of his shows, the Oasis Ball in Perth April. On that night of the show, there was a multitude of ladies lining up and trying to get a piece of Karl Stefanovic by wanting to take a picture with him even though Cassandra Thorburn was present. One of the thing that made Cassandra bored to the core is when he called out for the single ladies and made comments that were suggesting that he wanted to flirt. Although the night hastened their split, sources say that they had issues in their marriage; this makes people unsurprised with their split because most knew that the two could not get along well. The entire public believe that had both of them put their marriage above everything; they would have made it a fortress to run o whenever either of them was having a problem


What do friends say about the couple who used to rock every other celebrity events?

The best way to get the exact hint is to check out what her friends think of their marriage and the possible cause of their break up after all those years. A former close friend of the renowned journalist recorded in Woman’s Day Magazine that Cassandra Thorburn found out a wrong guy from what she previously knew about Karl, her former husband.
The friend continued to reveal that when Cassandra met Karl twenty-one years back, he was such a humble country boy whose financial accounts was just that of an ordinary human folk. When his stardom begun to take another level of a corresponding rise in economic status, Karl was never the same again, and it got complicated living with him. She continued to indicate the fact that she foresaw the breakup and saw Cassandra being an even better lady without Karl. For more information follow